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Welcome to DosAlas Latin Kitchen + Tequila Bar! Our restaurant is located at the gorgeous Waterfront. DosAlas Latin Kitchen + Tequila Bar was born out of the desire to provide a high end and sophisticated dining experience with the comfort of a casual and carefully blended hybrid. Owned by 12-year restaurant business veteran, Jorge Castro, DosAlas Latin Kitchen + Tequila Bar brings the best of both worlds together by putting on the table traditional and classic Latin American dishes, magically twisted by Mexican and Caribbean flavors.

Our Food Recommendations

Jorge’s previous seven restaurants have all been heavily influenced by the Mexican culture and flavors. However, with DosAlas Latin Kitchen + Tequila Bar, he wishes to expand his culinary adventures into the Latin American world and bring it to diners with a dash of Mexican and Caribbean influences. The compelling flavors of inventiveness are not simply limited to food items. The beverages are carefully crafted, revolving heavily around the smoky and spicy flavors of tequila.

The location and decor of the restaurant are reflective of the experience we wish to provide to our diners. A quaint and comfortable setting that serves a high end, intricate, blended, and enhanced cuisines so delicious that you would not want to leave the place.

Ecstasy and wonder
in every bite we cook

DosAlas Latin Kitchen + Tequila Bar is located at the gorgeous Waterfront. The location serves as an effective catalyst to our drive to create a new concept vision that serves elevated and inventive food and beverages in the most high profile and sophisticated yet comfortable ambiance possible. The place was designed keeping in mind the will to create something that is high energy, alluring, polished, and upscale.

The entire decor and layout of the place are such that you can experience wonders around the world. Our energetic and personable bartenders and servers strive to make your dining experience seamless and delicious. Our open kitchen echoes our mission of transparency. We are on stage, preparing your food with the highest quality ingredients in a clean and organized fashion. It also lends an elevated energetic ambiance to the entire place.


for the palate

Traditional classic comfort foods are heavenly. However, change is good for the palate. This is why we forged unexpected flavors from lands beyond the seas and bring to your plates daily a concoction of wonders. We source the freshest ingredients from far and beyond for you to travel around the world in just a single bite.

Pamper yourself with the artfully creative Grilled Octopus with Chorizo Emulsion or Three-cheese Pressed Sandwich with Tomato Marmalade. Enhance your experience with concoctions of mixology – fine crafted Latin inspired cocktails enhanced with freshly squeezed juices, charred fruits, tamarind, pressed sugar cane juice, edible flowers, and herb garnishes – or fantasies from the old world – signature sangrias and sensual martinis.

Also indulge in our short yet sweet menu of desserts adorned with Churro Donuts with Dipping Sauce, Mini Flans, Guava Cheesecake, Ice Cream Sundae, Mango-Butter Cake, and DosAlas Dessert Platter.

We believe in bringing you an experience of blended cuisines that are enjoyed in an artfully designed concept that encourages celebration, relaxation, and sharing. DosAlas Latin Kitchen + Tequila Bar aims to elevate the charmingly casual dining experience by adding a certain level of craft food and beverages. You would wonder at the minds that brought you the fine mix, and then you will marvel at the taste that swirls around on your palate, leaving memories for ages to come.

Two wings

The name DosAlas is a Spanish translation for the phrase “two wings.” Much like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, the name truly reflects the essence of the place – transformation of the age-old original piece into a modern and vibrant idea. We aim to lend meaning to these words and create a space in the restaurant where diners can relax. The restaurant lobby is adorned with wings to serve as a space to take selfies.

Two wings also stand to represent how Jorge has expanded his family and heart. After his marriage to Fallon Hawk and the recent birth of their daughter Paris, they now represent the two wings that he loves dearly.


warm hospitality

We wanted to bring to you not just raw flavors of Mexico and the Caribbean Islands but also a touch of Latin heritage. This is why we chose to bring it to you not only through our food and beverages but also through our ambiance – music, and decor. We believe a complete dining experience is not completely about the food; it is also about the setting in which you enjoy your food.

The restaurant’s energy is given a third world elevation by the melodious tunes of Latin Pop, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Samba, Rhumba, and Bossa Nova playing in the background. Spices are added to the meat with touches of Pacific Northwest rustic elegance fashioned from polished high-end materials like stone, wood, metal, glass, and sumptuous layered fabrics.

We decided to truly enhance your dining experience by sourcing artwork, cushions, and tapestries direct from Latin and Spanish countries. We did everything in our power to truly bring to you a dining experience that is laced with beautiful, lively, and eclectic intricacies. We do not compromise on quality, and we never will.


curated cuisines

Whether you are on a date or in a gathering of loved ones, your experience throughout our elegantly posh yet comfortable setting is eventful. Our long-held Latin American traditions are receiving a modern Mexican and Caribbean twist, and we couldn’t be happier to share our experience through this journey with you. Here, we have redefined the art of curated cuisines, breaking the mold of perceptions that something should be left just the way it is. Long-held traditions are finally getting new and interesting beginnings, and we wish for you to be a part of this celebration.

At DosAlas, you will feel close to home and yet in a land far far away simultaneously. The belonging to something new is strong here.


At DosAlas, you’re family…

Invigorating beverages, lavish dishes, and fine dining on the water. That’s DosAlas for you.

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