The Pearl Club

The Pearl Club is coming soon to transform + elevate your DOSALAS experience.



Koko's Candles

Made locally. Made naturally. Made with love.

DOSALAS is partnering with Koko’s Candles, a female-owned business operated by Janeen Kokodynski in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Janeen started Koko’s Candles after losing her one-month-old son Mathew to a congenital heart defect in 2005. Since then, Janeen has been working tirelessly with the Children’s Heart Foundation to fundraise + create awareness. Koko’s Candles was born in 2017, combining her love of candle-making with her efforts at the nonprofit.

Each Koko’s Candle contains a small hammered pewter heart at the bottom, revealed once the candle has burned out completely. The heart is imperfectly shaped to represent Mathew’s heart + it was originally passed out during his funeral. Once the candle is burned out, you can place the slightly misshapen pewter heart in your pocket or purse as a reminder that you’re loved.



DOSALAS is proud to partner with Koko’s Candles — you can find them throughout the DOSALAS dining room, lighting the waterfront. If you’d like to support Janeen’s mission, please purchase a candle from the link below. All the proceeds go straight to Koko’s Candles + a portion of the profits from each candle is donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation.


Edgar's Shirts

Casual wear for a cause.

You can purchase shirts made + designed by Edgar Castro, Jorge’s younger brother + the CEO + Founder of a lifestyle brand called The Watchers Apparel.

The Watchers Apparel brings shirts, t-shirts + apparel that bridge the gap between high-fashion + streetwear, providing accessible + casual apparel to compliment an active lifestyle marked by hard work + fitness. Edgar’s shirts are for those who want to stay at the top of their game, whether that involves start-up businesses, fitness, or other passions.



Edgar started selling t-shirts on Etsy when he was suddenly diagnosed with stage 2B testicular cancer. Unable to be in a regular work setting, Edgar decided to sell his own designs in the form of t-shirts to pay his medical bills instead of asking his family for help. He believes anyone willing to work hard + keep faith is being “watched over,” + that belief led him to the name “The Watchers.”

Go to Edgar's Store

Golden Water Bottles

Help change lives.

The Castro family’s roots go back to Guadalajara in Mexico. That’s where Jorge’s parents, Jose + Maria Castro, first started their careers as restaurateurs. That’s where Jorge first discovered his love of the restaurant business. And that’s where most of the flavors + dishes at DOSALAS originated. The Castro family’s deep-rooted culture + humble beginnings in Guadalajara have led them to give back to the city that made them.

For every golden water bottle purchased, DOSALAS donates 50% of the proceeds to a charity in Guadalajara. We thank you for supporting our endeavors.

Let’s make a difference together!

Join us in supporting the Testicular Cancer Society.

In honor of Edgar Castro.

This charity is near + dear to our hearts! Edgar by the grace of God, survived the battle of stage 3 testicular cancer. Join us in supporting fighters, survivors + caregivers of this deadly cancer.


Invigorating beverages, lavish dishes + elevated dining on the water. That’s DOSALAS for you.

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